CPD on Acute Flaccid Paralysis:Q case counts and signing of MOU with DOH


Sept 15,2016 at Crimson Hotel,Alabang,MM witnessed a different CPD being held in cooperation with the Department of Health to increase awareness and reporting of Acute Flaccid Paralysis in the fight against polio.

Region IV-A has been one of the sites with wild polio virus case and vaccine associated poliomyelitis and being the 2nd highly populated region in the country, DOH chose our chapter to have this scientific forum as well as signing of memorandum of understanding .

Every case of acute flaccid paralysis warrants reporting and documentation since polio presents in different forms and could mimic Guillan Barre Syndrome or Transverse Myelitis. DOH calls our help to actively vaccinate our children against polio to help us achieve total polio eradication by the year 2018. Trivalent OPV should no longer be used to avoid vaccine associated poliomyelitis and instead use the bivalent OPV. Giving such vaccine by 14 weeks assures high protection to infants.

Lets us all help DOH through the private sector to increase our vaccine coverage which has been reportedly very low at 40% . Dra. Salonga and Dra. Gatchalian calls all private pediatricians that part of our duty is to report our vaccination to DOH to increase the reported coverage and not just using the data from the government funded RHUs.

The event ended with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding of PPS-STC represented by our president Dr.Corazon Omalin and secretary Dr.Marc Ed quilag and DOH witnessed by Dr.Aida Salonga and Dr.Sally Gatchalian.

It has been a succesful forum and broadcasted using Fb live through our chapter’s Fb page. This event hopes to be translated to our utmost cooperation in reporting any case of Acute Flaccid Paralysis to DOH and likewise increase and report our immunization coverage . ALL FOR THE FILIPINO CHILD.

Godspeed to our 19th PPS-STC President and her Officers and Board of Trustees

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imageimageimageimageJune 19,2016, Acacia Hotel, Alabang,MM witnessed the turn-over and induction ceremonies of the 19th PPS-STC President, Dr.Corazon A. Omalin.

Dra. Omalin has been with the PPS-STC board since 2010 as board member, secretary and PRO , and now she assumed this great task of leading the biggest chapter of PPS. She is graduate of FEU-NRMF Institute of Medicine .

Dr. Alexander Tuazon , our current PPS President is all praises for our chapter’s achievements . His term envisions of creating programs and projects crafted by PPS National to be channeled down to the chapters to create more impact to the Filipino children. His speech ended urging everyone to sing PPS Hymn from the heart to make q member feel our tasks as stewards of child health .

Likewise, our newly inducted chapter president , with her tag line ” Sama sama Tayo sa Challenge ( STC) laid her roadmap of actiivities from CPD, research and child advocacies with the theme ” Better Health through Healthy Environment”.

Filipiniana royal blue and lime green were the color motiff for this year’s induction to create the festive fiesta atmosphere in time for today’s commemoration of Dr. Jose Rizal’s birthday .

13 new PPS Diplomates have been inducted today and 7 new Fellows were recognized towards the end.

As in any induction, the Oath of recommittment,PPS Hymn and PPS Credo are all recited before closing this induction rites.




Congratulations once more to PPS-STC !










It’s again our lucky year for being recognized with two major PPS Awards during the last PPS Fellowship night ,April 3.2016.

Dr. Madeleine Grace Sosa is this year’s Most Outstanding Pediatrician . This is the top award for a pediatrician who has achieved over-all excellence in Academics, Research, Advocacies and Clinical Practice, and our very own Dra. Sosa was a unanimous choice for this award. Dra. Sosa is currently the Dean of the De La Salle College of Medicine in Dasmarinas, Cavite , an alumni of that institution ,too, and a past president of PPS-STC.

And this year , our chapter is recognized as The Most Outstanding Chapter in Continuing Pediatric Development or the Dr. Rolando Songco Award. Hats off to our president Dr.Bibs Reyes and the icPEDS team led by Dr.Crisphin Casubha for the innovative online learning q month accessible to all members wherever and whenever q Third Thursday of the month complete with pre and post test to assess the learning process. The numerous scientific meetings utilizing our own subspecialists as lecturers further boosted our points to get this Award for the 4th time .









That same night, our chapter performed to the tune of Michael Jackson’s Medley of Songs which garnered the most applauded performance for that night led by no other than by our president, Dr.Bibs Reyes as Michael Jackson himself.

And once more our chapter was recognized again during the annual business meeting on April 5,2016 . The happy faces of all members wearing the Project 019 shirt were beaming with pride and happiness for the recognitions bestowed upon our chapter during this year’s PPS Annual Convention.


PPS-STC is now 36 years in existence!







February 25,2016, Acacia Hotel, Alabang Muntinlupa witnessed a simple celebration to commemorate our chapter’s 36th Founding Anniversary.

CPD on Probiotics by Dr. Randy Urtula , followed by Induction of 10 new diplomates as members of our chapter and proclamation of the incoming 2016-2018 PPS-STC board and ceremonial cutting of the 36th Anniversary cake specially made for the chapter by Dr. Lizette Pontanilla closed this special day of our chapter.

PPS-STC remains to be the largest PPS Chapter . Still with core values Makadiyos, Makabayan, Masinop at Mapagkalinga–ALL FOR THE FILIPINO CHILD!