PPS-STC Strategic planning 2014 ” PPS goes TECHIE”

July 6,2014 at the Paragon Building Conference Hall of Alabang’s Madrigal Business Park ,PPS-STC held its 2014 strategic planning and formed the 2014-2015 plans under the theme ” PPS-STC goes TECHIE”


Around 40 PPS-STC members aside from the PPS-STC BOT attended this important activity .
Dr.Bibiano Reyes laid down his Mission and Vision for his term with the innovations and changes for the ever growing membership of our chapter.


By 2pm ,Committee reports on Finance, Wellness and Spiritual aspects , Alternative Learning, Subspecialty Modules ,IC PEDS and Child Advocacy and Community Service reports were presented and moderated by no less than our own outstanding pediatrician, past PPS-STC President-Dr.Roberto Espos,Jr.
He concluded that with all these bright ideas, we hope to continue the excellent status we achieved last 2012-2014 being a 2 successive year awardee for the Dr .Rolando Songco Award ” ( Most Outstanding Chapter in CME ) and the Dr.Perla Santos Ocampo Award ( Most Outstanding Chapter Award fof Child Advocacy and Community Services) under the term of Dr. Riz Gonzalez.
The activity was concluded by past 4pm awarding our certificate of appreciation to Dr.Roberto Espos,Jr and with the PPS-STC BOT and all present members affirmation of full support to all that were planned …” ALL FOR THE FILIPINO CHILD ” , as our chapter embraces ” PPS -STC goes TECHIE”

i-C PEDS is here! PPS-STC’s ONLINE CPD .

The chapter has grown immensely and big sponsors for scientific meetings are getting scarce, hence icPEDS is born-whose main objective is to give all members the chance to earn CPD units online per month, without the hassle of traffic, clinic cuts and sponsorships utilizing our own subspecialists without any influence from any pharma industry. 

Make this a habit to be a reponsible PPS-STC member  by having the initiative to check this website as well as our PPS-STC FB page for announcements. Let go your fears in technology, its time to innovate our learning process…participate in our monthly icPEDs !


1. Please go and log-in to your gmail account.( http//www.gmail.com )Find the email from ppsstccpecommittee2 or doccrisphin with the topic icpeds. or through this website by clicking on the iC–PEDS node on top. ( you still need your gmail account to enter and be documented).

2. Go inside the message and click the link icpeds (colored blue).

3. Once you click on the link, you will be automatically diverted to to the icpeds site.

4. Once inside the icpeds, you can read on the welcome page.

5. Please click on the page of how to use this site. From there, instructions are made and just follow them.

6. Go to the CPD topic of the month page. In here, you watch the you tube lecture made by the cpd speaker.  You need to finish it. It only lasts for 26mins.

7. After watching the online cpd, please proceed to the questionnaire page.

8. In this month’s cpd online, you have to watch a 2.5mins video should be viewed prior to answering the questionnaire proper.

9. Once you watched the video in the questionnaire page, pls proceed to the questionnaire form just below the video.

10. In the questionnaire form, answer the necessary questions.All questions with asterisk (*) are required filled to be answered. The questionnaire starts with demographics and the question proper.

11. After answering the questions, submit the form by clicking on SUBMIT at the bottom of the actual questionnaire.

12. After submitting a message will appear: “Your response has been recorded. You just earned 2.0cpd points. Thank you for enjoying the CPD online. CORRECT Answers to the questions are also part of the response.


PPS-STC welcomes the 18th President Dr.Bibiano DB Reyes,Jr

P1210015June 15,2014 ,PPS-STC witnessed a posh induction with an  over-all motiff of  powder blue inspired by the movie “Frozen”.

A lecture on “Whiner, squimmers and bloaters” was given by our peds gastroenterologist Dr.Jossie Rogacion . The turn-over and induction ceremonies immediately followed.

It has been the PPS-STC tradition to open this event with the processional of the past PPS-STC Presidents preceded by their AVP as a tribute for their achievements to the chapter followed by the new set of officers and board. P1200992 Dr.Riz Gonzalez, the outgoing chapter president delivered a heartwarming valedictory speech complete with an AVP showcasing her farewell poem for all the members ( to the tune of ” If we hold on together” ). P1210004 Awarding of Plaques of Appreciation to the major industry partners were given followed by Plaques of Recognition and Presidential Merit Awards to all  officers and  members who have contributed much to the chapter for 2012-2014.

Dr.Milagros S. Bautista, our PPS National Officer was our guest speaker and inducting officer who gave us an insight on what’s up for her term and the problems that PPS has to overcome most specially the CPD online and monitoring of members CPD activity . P1210014 Dr.Bibiano Reyes,Jr was beside his lovely wife,Dr.Anelyn L.Reyes , a pedia infectious disease specialist with their only daughter Rafaella Nicole Reyes as he took his Oath of Office. P1210019P1210028P1210035 The turn-over of the gavel, president’s medallion and pps-stc banner is a time honored PPS-STC tradition for the past 8 years with the participation of the kids of the PPS-STC officers.

Dr.Reyes speechP1210060 emphasized his innovative CPD online ( the iC-PEDS) to solve the problem of distance, time and sponsorship of CPD activities being the biggest chapter .Hence his term’s battle cry ” PPS goes Techie ; Let it Go! Let go of your fears in technology and innovation”. The success of the last term’s child advocacy and community services shall be continued just like what PPS national shall be doing to ensure continuity of projects. There shall be wellness and other non-academic activities to ensure a balanced program and activity for members .Research outcomes are wished for and hoping that this term will yield positive collaborative outputs .

Induction of his new set of officers and committee chairs followed his inaugural speech then the recognition of new PPS STC fellows and New members. Awarding of plaques of appreciation to Dr.Milagros Bautista then the Plaque of Honor to Dr.Riz Gonzalez being the outgoing chapter president .

The  ceremonial toast and reciting of  the PPS Oath of Recommittment and PPS Credo closed this important event.

Thanks to our events master coordinator-Dr.Rey Lapak fo another successful turn over and induction of new set of officers. God Bless PPS-STC! P1210066 P1210071

June 15 ,2014 is our Turn Over and Induction of New Set of Officers and Board,New Members and Recognition of New PPS Fellows

program 2 june 15program fr june 15


June 15 ,2014 marks the beginning of ourr new set  PPS-STC Officers and Board led by Dr.Bibiano Reyes,Jr.

We invite all our members to attend and witness this special event at Acacia Hotel,Ballroom on Sunday at 11am-4pm.

“Let it Go! of your fears in technology and innovation” is this term’s tag line hence Powder Blue is the motiff for this

induction ceremonies.

Dr.Riz Gonzalez, the outgoing chapter president shall deliver her valedictory speech after a very successgul 2 year term

earning for two straight years two awards ” The Dr.Rolando Songco Award ” or “The Most Outstanding Chapter for CME” and the

” Dr.Perla Santos-Ocampo Award” or “The Most Outstanding Chapter for Child Advocacy and Community Service”. Awarding of plaques of  appreciation, recognition and Presidential Merit Awards shall  follow after her speech.

Dr.Milagros S.Bautista, the new PPS National President shall be the inducting officer and the Guest Speaker.

Let us all welcome and support our new set of officers and welcome the newest members of our chapter,too!


We made it again ! 2014 Outstanding Chapter in CME and Outstanding Chapter in Child Advocacy and Community Service.

PPS awards 2014 For the 2nd time, our chapter has been blessed to receive the tandem awards as the 2014 Outstanding Chapter in Continuing Medical Education ( Dr. Rolando Songco Award) and Outstanding Chapter in Child Advocacy and Community Service ( Dr. Perla Santos-Ocampo Award). Awarding will be during the PPS Annual Convention  Opening Ceremonies on Sunday ,April 6,2014 at 6pm at the Grand Ballroom of Sofitel Hotel.

PPS Annual Convention is our time for National Business meeting on April 8 ( Tuesday at 2-4pm at the PICC Plenary Hall followed by our Chapter’s Business Meeting at 4-6 PM at PICC MR 11. Every member is required to attend these two important meetings to keep your good standing.

Attached are the minutes of the 2013 Business Meeting held last April 16,2013

and the 2013-2014 PPS-STC’s Abridged Annual Report for your reference during our  chapter’s  business meeting.

Minutes of Meeting apr 2013 PPS-STC business meeting

2013-2014 ABRIDGED PPS-STC Annual Report


It’s been a lot of fun last PPS 50th Annual Convention

The 50th PPS Annual convention last April 14-17,2013  was packed with activities from the pre-convention sessions ,HAB forum, Holy Mass , Opening Ceremonies and Fellowship Night,Convention proper till the Closing Ceremonies and Annual Dinner and Induction of New Members and Fellows.

Our chapter was given the two special awards being the Most Outstanding Chapter in Child Advocacy and Community Service ( Dr. Perla Santos Ocampo Award ) and the Most Outstanding Chapter in Continuing Medical Education ( Dr. Rolando Songco Award) during the Opening Ceremonies received by our chapter president Dr.Riz Gonzalez at the grand ballroom of Sofitel on April 14,2013 at 7pm.




Riz and Cora with the 2 awards



Our chapter’s Kalinka ( Russian dance )  dance presentation  was the most applauded during the fellowship night.



Our chapter’s business meeting moved one day earlier on April 15 at 4-6 pm was peaceful and informative with a good members attendance of 270 held at MR 12 .Dr.Joel Elises , our honorary president congratulated our chapter for the grand slam awards but challenged everyone to keep up the excellent work ,innovate and aim for another productive year ALL FOR THE FILIPINO CHILD !




The PPS national business meeting the following day ,April 16 at 2-4 PM  likewise was well attended by PPS-STC and from the words of our PPS Secretary Dr.Alex Tuazon ,  the most disciplined chapter.

Around 50 PPS-STC members immediately changed into their running outfit after the national business meeting and  joined the PPS Fun Run at the CCP Complex at 5PM wearing the yellow singlet and the PPS-STC blue armband. Our chapter got the Special Award -the chapter with the most number of runners.







Our Team Habagat, the3k Team was just 24 seconds away from Team Mayon of Bicol Chapter.Team Habagat team captain was Dr.Bibs Reyes,Jr and team mates -Fame Roxas, Dr.Mitzi Aseron,Dr. Sarabeth de Castro and Dr. Katrina Alon-Alon.


Day 3 of the convention, Dr.Riz Gonzalez chaired the Adolescent Symposium during the simultaneous session at 2-4 PM at MR 5 with quite a number of PPS-STC members seated to listen about Teen-Age Suicide and Teen-pregnancy , both socially relevant topics of the present time.



Likewise, Dr.Elizabeth Palines, our peds neuro from Batangas Regional Hospital and past president of the Child Neurology Society of the Philippines gave a lecture on ” Epilepsy and Behavior ”  during the SS12 session at Summit E and F at 2-4pm also.

Call it our lucky convention, since Dr.Willy Santos got the Galderma’s special raffle of a CME award for an all expense paid trip to AAP National Convention this October 2013 at Orlando ,Florida during the Closing Ceremonies at Summit Halls C and D of PICC by 5pm of  April 17.


And finally, 7 new diplomates from our chapter were inducted and 12 members were reclassified as PPS Fellows in time for the PPS Annual Dinner  on April 17,2013.










It was a full packed 50th PPS Annual Convention for 4 days filled with blessings of awards , rewards and camarederie among our members!



PPS-STC shines once more this 50th Annual Convention !!!

At last! After six years ,PPS-STC is blessed to get 2 awards this coming 50th Annual Convention.
The Dr. Perla Santos Ocampo Award ” PPS Most Outstanding Chapter in Child Advocacy and Community Service ” and The Dr. Rolando Songco Award ” PPS Most Outstanding Chapter in Continuing Medical Education”.
PPS Awards
It’s a big blessing for our chapter in time for the PPS Annual Convention.
Our collaborative efforts and participation in every CME , Child Advocacy and Community Service paid off. Once more, we are recognized and we hope to sustain this excellent status.

Our members are encouraged to be present during the PPS Opening Ceremonies (Sunday, April 14,2013 at 6pm at Sofitel Philippine Plaza ) to cheer for our chapter’s shining moment that night.

Another blessing is that our PPS Scholar candidate from San Pablo City National High School (Lyka Maluping) was chosen among 11 nominees for the 6 PPS Scholars.

Two PPS Scholars come from Luzon , and our candidate made it.The other one is from NorthEastern Luzon who was the PPS Essay Writing Contest Winner . The other four came from NCR (2) and one each from Visayas region and Mindanao.

Attached is the 2012-2013 PPS-STC’s Annual Report
amd the Minutes of the 2012 PPS-STC Business Meeting
( Kindly read and review for perusal during our chapter’s business meeting)

ABRIDGED PPS-STC Annual Report submiited for PPS Annual Report 2012 souvenir program

2012 PPS-STC Minutes of the Business Meeting