Sept LIVE CPD and icPeds


Be sure to block your calendar on this timely LIVE CPD in cooperation with the Department of Health ” ACUTE FLACCID PARALYSIS, q AFP   counts : Surveillance for a polio free Philippines” on Sept 15@ Crimson Hotel , Alabang,MM and our online CPD ( icPeds) on Sept 15-22″ Shake, Rattle and Roll: Epilepsy andRead More

July 2016 CPD activities:


        Get ready for this Nutrition month’s icPEDS on Feeding Disorders in Children by our new pediatric gastroenterologist , Dr. Sarabeth de Castro. Available July 21-28,2016. and our Live CPD on July 21 ” Understanding the Atopic March ” by Dr. Marc Edquilag at Omakase Restaurant, Molito Mall, Alabang,MM.

Congratulations once more to PPS-STC !


                  It’s again our lucky year for being recognized with two major PPS Awards during the last PPS Fellowship night ,April 3.2016. Dr. Madeleine Grace Sosa is this year’s Most Outstanding Pediatrician . This is the top award for a pediatrician who has achieved over-all excellence inRead More

CHEERS ! For our back to back PPS Awards for 2016 !

Proud to announce that this year’s PPS Most Outstanding Pediatrician is Dr Madelaine Grace Sosa . Dra. Sosa served as our chapter president in 2006-2008 . Her term ushered in our advocacy in Childhood TB which has been carried up to the present term thru our Childhood TB Registry Project. Likewise, PPS-STC pediatric research papersRead More